WEBB FONTAINE - Trade Facilitation Services
AACE - African Alliance for E-Commerce
GCNet - Achieving Port Effiency and Paperless Ports
GIFF - Achieving Port Efficiency and Paperless Clearence
WTO TFA - The Single Window and The WTO TFA
WTO - Trade Facilitation Agreement-State of Play
AACE - The role of one-stop shops in trade facilitation (fr)
ATPC - E-Commerce: the Key for a Sustainable Economy
GAINDE - The Single Window Implementation Guide in Africa
WCO - Managing Data from e-Commerce Industry for goods clearance at the border
ESCAP - Cross-Border e-Commerce in Asia: RecentDevelopment
UNECE - Single Windows and e-Commerce
KENTRADE - National Initiative of Ecommerce Involving The SW Platform
GUCE - The Single Form For Foreign Trade Operations
GAINDE 2000 - GAINDE 2000 Presentation
TTN - National Initiatives in E-Commerce Involving Single Windows (fr)
SOGET - National Initiatives in E-Commerce Involving Single Windows
WTO - E-commerce Work Programme
AACE - Single Window and Crossborder E-Commerce
UPU - Facilitating e-commerce development through the postal network: UPU strategy
COMESA - The COMESA Perspectives on Trade Facilitation Agreement and E-Commerce Development in Africa
AACE - Building an Inclusive Collaboration